An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

San Diego - Brewery Hopping

Its about time I posted these.

skorzy had never been to San Diego, and I grew up there, so Halloween weekend seemed to be an ideal time to play tour guide and show off my home city.

Firstly, we did pretty much the only thing we and our other friends do in San Diego, and that's go brewery hopping. This is different from bar hopping as we attend tastings, go to the bistro for lunch, and act like pretentious beer snobs. Clearly different!

There's two notable breweries that we frequent, those being the Stone Brewing Co. and AleSmith.

Follow skorzy to beer adventures!

First and foremost was our usual Stone, that has an /incredible/ bistro. I highly recommend their garlic cheese soup and their $12 BLT. Its worth ever penny. Nearly everything on the menu is made with one of their beers!

We sampled the Lightning Keller Koelsch. Not one of Stone's but I have an affinity for cloudy beers. I think this one takes the cake :)

Everyone gets into the act...

Next was AleSmith which was having a Halloween tasting to introduce their Evil Dead Red

My favorites from them are Horny Devil and Nautical Nut Brown. Yummy yum yum :9


More to come!
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