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Photoshop Help

Okay I know I've asked this before but I seem to have lost track of the post...

You know that problem in Photoshop CS3 where the colors look great in Photoshop but when I upload them to the web they're all washed out? That problem is still persisting and my photos are way more washed out than they were both on my camera and photoshop. I don't know what the deal is!

I did what people suggested and switched my color profile to sRGB. I've also accounted for the fact that maybe it might be Firefox washing out the colors but Firefox is supposed to be one of the browsers that is color sensitive so, I don't know what the deal is.

Anyone have any really stupidly simple solutions? I know how to use computers for art and internet but when it comes to computer speak I'm really dumb so colorful shapes and condescending baby speak would be really helpful about now.
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