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FC - Questions about stock

Okay I've been really going back and forth with myself on this one. Some artists sell sketches at their tables, like premade stuff they've already done.

I for one have the original sketches of the colored pieces I do on occasion, a recent example of this being the original 3X4 inch sketch of the arctic fox I just finished. However, sometimes these sketches have graphite on the back of them because I use the "carbon transfer" method of transferring sketches to illustration board or the toned paper I'm going to work from. The sketch itself is just fine, just the backside of the paper has graphite on it.

If I were to bring these to FC is there any potential interest to buy these sketches off of me for cheap, say like..5-15 bucks depending on the size? They'd be given to the buyer in a plastic sleeve and I'll spra them with fixative ahead of time. I really have no use for them but they're the honest to god original of what I draw so they sometimes have a life to them thats lost in my finished version. If not, they just go in the trash. I hang onto them cuz I wonder if anyone wants my 'trash' because often times I see the "trash" of other artists and I just want to rescue the art from the bin. One man's trash is another man's treasure sort of thing.

Also, since I'm sharing a table again this year, space is limited. I don't even know what to stock. Since I haven't had a new one in literally years, I'm considering retiring the Thorn Doodles series, but that has yet to be seen.

So, here's where you come in. Is there something I don't currently offer that you'd like to see me start offering? I'm really running out of ideas.

Also, a question in the poll, does anyone even really like my magnets I make? They don't sell very well and they're a pain in the ass to put together so I'd just as soon not bring em, but if there's a huge objection to this I might reconsider.

So yeah, please give me some input! I'm all ears :)

Poll #1307003 Would you be interested in buying loose sketches?

Would you be interested in buying loose preliminary sketches that may or may not have graphite on the back?

Yes, I may be interested. Graphite on the back doesn't bother me if it doesn't impede the image on the front
Yes, I may be interested, but only in sketches that have NO graphite on the back
No, I am not interested in buying preliminary sketches

What "new" items listed below would you be interested in?

Small colored "sketches" and originals
Preliminary sketches that may have graphite on the back
Preliminary sketches with NO graphite on the back
Other (please specify)

Should I continue to stock magnets?

Yes, I'm interested in buying them
No, they don't really spark my fancy

Should I continue to stock Thorn Doodles booklets?

Yes, there is one/a couple I may want to buy!
No, I have them all/the ones I want already
No, I don't care for them
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