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$10 sketch commissions

Its that time again, time for $10 digital sketch commissions!

-Comment here if interested, wait for my response acknowledging you got the spot, then send me an email with your description to
-Sketches are $10 per character, so if you want a 2 char sketch, it will be $20
-$5 extra for winged characters
-Paypal only. Sorry guys, the way this works is very time oriented so I can't take checks. My paypal is
-Payment must be received /tonight/. I've had a lot of situations where folks reserved a spot and didn't pay me until later, I only have a small window of opportunity to do these so no time for dilly dallying. If you want a slot, please be prepared to send payment right away.

1. Chaysefox
2. Danielcoon
3. Camelai
4. Karu Dragon
5. Keesh
6. Sneakcat
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