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Badge Sale - Today Only

Today and today only, I will offer limited slots for pencil and/or ink badges while I have my supplies out.

For those of you who asked for a pencil sketch, this would also be a good time, but the sketch will be the size of the badge (3.5 X 4") for shipping purposes.

Normally pencil badges are $15 and ink badges are $25, but I'm offering a special deal of $5 off either one for TODAY ONLY to be shipped in time for Christmas, meaning I'll mail them out Monday.

So that means pencil badges are $10 and ink badges are $20. For an example of the inked badges, check this out. Pencil I don't have an example of but its like this pencil lol

Panth the Mixologist

Limited slots, comment if interested, wait for my response, then send paypal payment and description to I can only accept paypal at this time due to the time sensitive nature of this. Thank you!

1. ellonwye - pencil - DONE
2. reyfox - pencil - Need description!
3. redcoatcat - pencil - DONE
4. redcoatcat - pencil - DONE
5. danielcoon - ink - DONE

*edit* Need descriptions ASAP guys!
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