An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Sale status of items

Hey all, thanks for a great FC!

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to folks who bought stuff and showed interest in my work! I was able to sell a couple of originals out of my print binder, including a collaboration between cannibalmouth and myself, so that was nice.

Unfortunately (for me), my Przewalski Mother piece did not sell, but I've posted the original for sale on ArtSpots here for anyone interested:

Przewalski Mother

I have prints available either directly through me or you can purchase them through ArtSpots but they have more sizes available, I only have 8.5X11.

Also regarding Thorn Doodles I only have 3 booklets left, although at this moment I can't remember if its 2 versions of Volume 2 and 1 version of volume 3 or vice versa. I think I'm correct though, I'll double check.

Posting some originals for sale on ArtSpots in the next couple of days, I'll update here when I have the full list :)

Thank you again!
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