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Sketch Dump!

Trying to loosen up for a long weekend of arting. Have some doodles! Bet you thought you'd never see me do these again huh...

Based on a text message I received today.

Did this MONTHS ago I'm only just now scanning it. Doodle for tugrik cuz let's face it, if you have a cool character people are going to want to draw it.

What's up, doc_halfmoon?

To make sure I wasn't trapped by the snow up in the mountains this past weekend, I stayed over in OC with skorzy, but unfortunately this means I have to wake up super early for the commute to beat the morning traffic. Skorzy set his alarm on his iPhone for me with...I keep wanting to say it's Tchaikovsky's "Pastoral" (which always makes me think of Soylent Green...creepy) or some kind of similar peaceful light classical music to wake up pleasantly to, and no matter how peaceful it sounds, it still doesn't take away the morning "kill you" feeling. And yes...that's a boa constrictor with a harp.

On a final note, Vantid comes home this weekend. YAY :D
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