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Asiatic Lion

"In Exile"
In Exile

The Asiatic lion's habitat previously spanned throughout most of southeast Asia and through to Greece and Europe, but today they only exist in small numbers in India. The current wild population of approximately 250-350 lions, who are all located within the Gir National Forest in India, are thought to have been descended from 13 individuals found in the 1930's, leaving the existing population potentially prone to disease and other inbreeding related health problems.

This is a card drawn for the Endangered Ark card deck, a deck of cards designed to promote awareness endangered species. Each card has a different animal on it and 10% of the proceeds go toward animal conservation.

1/3 of the sale of the original of this piece and 1/2 of print sales will go toward adopting an Asiatic lion in a breeding program.

For more information on the Endangered Ark project, please click this banner:
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