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For my friend's birthday, he requested that I make his mother's famous carrot cake. I know better than to challenge a "mother's famous" anything, and upon looking at the ingredients I decided it just seemed too complex (and had ingredients some of us couldn't eat, like nuts and pineapple). My roommate suggested something simple: A rum cake. She's made them tons of times before, everyone's always loved it, so she gave me the recipe. Seemed simple enough, right?

We used one of those rubbery bundt pans that cuts the baking time a bit. Also, considering I live at high altitude, that was also something to consider. I've ruined many a batch of brownies by not adjusting accordingly. When we attempted to remove the cake from the pan, my roommate flipped it over, peeked underneath, and gave me a horrified expression. "What?" I asked. "Nothing!" she said, as she flipped the cake, bundt pan and all, over and began to drizzle the rum glaze on what would have otherwise been the bottom of the cake. "This is the bottom now," she said. "It broke apart when I tried to flip it over."

"Then how do we take the cake out to serve it?" I asked
"We don't. We can it with a spoon I guess?"
"We're going to have to explain why this isn't a carrot cake".

Hence the inscription (it makes much more sense to those who know us, I'm sure, but "I didn't want to make your mom's gross pineapple carrot cake and ruin the memory of your mother's specialty" was too long). Unfortunately, while writing, my roommate and I were laughing so hard that I forgot to put the "H" in birthday. The sad thing is, I'm a copy writer for a living. Things like this just shouldn't happen, but I suppose this cake was doomed from the get-go when I went against the birthday boy's wishes.

So, enjoy the "Right Side Up Not Carrot Cake". For the record it tasted delicious.

PS: For the record I would love to post this to Cakewrecks but can't because it's not "professionally made". Ah well XD
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