An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

$10 sketch commissions! - Real Media

Hey everyone! Long story short, school is bleeding me dry and I had to spend a lot more on books yesterday than I had anticipated (what a racket!), so to hopefully help out a little, I'm taking $10 sketch commissions. They will be done in real media in my sketchbook, you get the high res scan. I really feel like sketching with a good old fashioned pencil today.

So, you know the drill. $10 per character, $5 extra if your character has wings. Paypal only please, it's first come first served, so comment here if you're interested, wait for my confirmation, then send paypal and description to

I'd really appreciate it :)

1. keesh -done
2. Sciggles (DA) -done
3. Feralgrinn (DA)
4. calicougar -done
6. Wolftail (DA)
7. Wolftail (DA)
8. Spiritshade (DA) - done
9. westly_roanoke - done
10. ethethlay
11. twilightstray

*Edit* Just a notice, please please please send payment and description ASAP upon securing a slot? D: I really wanna get these done in the little time I have to do them. I have school tomorrow so they must be done today. Those who haven't paid by this evening without alerting me otherwise will have their slot canceled.
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