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Sketch commission/Roulette commission slots

Hey all! I have the remaining sketch commissions to scan/post, some of em are already scanned but I figured I'd put them up as a group with the ones I have yet to scan, so sit tight for those, they'll be up tomorrow evening after I'm back from class.
I have some slots available for people, with your choice of a roulette commission OR a sketch commission.

Roulette Commissions $30

You give me a basic concept or a character and I do it in any style, media/format I choose, whatever inspires me. It's best not to give me specifics for something like this, such as:

Good: My cat character likes music, please incorporate music in there. He likes Ska, like...LOVES it. He has a pet badger so if you had an idea that could incorporate him in there somehow too that would be cool.

Bad: My cat character needs to be wearing headphones in a 3/4 view with his pet badger and they both are really into Ska so they need to be both wearing black and white checkered /everything/ and have Vans shoes on but the headphone needs to be off his right ear so he can hear his badger speaking to him and the badger is quoting lyrics from an Op Ivy song in a b/w checkered word bubble BUT MAKE IT FUNNY! You're so funny, so make it funny.

Like real roulette, yes, there is a risk involved that you may not get exactly what you were envisioning, it may or may not be in color, but overall if I'm enjoying what I'm doing chances are you're going to get a better product than if I'm given more restraints. So that is your choice :)

SALE Sketch commissions = $10 per character, $5 extra if your character has wings.

Since this is not the usual price for my sketches, and these slots are first come first served for this price, these $10 sketches are limited and only offered through deals like this when I'm taking them.

The Drill
-Comment here if interested in a spot
-Indicate which you would like, a roulette commission or a sketch commission
-Wait for my confirmation that you have said spot
-Send payment (paypal only, sorry) and character/concept information to

If payment is not received by midnight pacific time your spot will be forfeited.

Thank you! :D

1. danielcoon - roulette
2. lanakila - sketch
3. lanakila - roulette
4. sagemane
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