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Sketch Dump - Happy NeoGeen?

A couple days ago neogeen asked her friends to post all the art they were hiding from people. I, of course, am late to the party because I /hate/ scanning. Like..hate it. BUUUUT I guess I'll post em.

Sketch for a design I'll be putting on the invitations for mine and Vannie's tea party we'll be hosting soon. That design on the bottom is actually a type of seed pod we have all over the place here at my place...that...gets stuck in our feet and clothes and everything. But they're pretty!

Commission for silverfoxwolf. I actually thought those white strings they have around their neck/across their chest were iPod headphones.

Commission for Feralgrinn on DA of her character. She can harness the power of electricity.

Class doodle

Tax day doodle I intended to post but forgot to. Based on a conversation with foxfeather and mbala when I was visiting.

Sketch of a commission for casteddreams

Heraldic unicorns. I tend to like these better than the horses with horns glued on their faces.

And finally, something for myself! I've been wanting to draw something like this for awhile because I bought a "how to draw fairies" book that had some pretty cool watercolor techniques in it. I don't like fairies really, but since this one doesn't have wings, featherlady_jt has decided it is a brownie and that's the story I'm going with. The bird is an eastern bluebird. Big thanks to Vantid for fixing the feet and making the eye juicy.
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