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Alright guys, I'm on my way to Orange County here in a few minutes. Just figured I'd give a last minute run down of what I'm offering at the con!

ACEO Prints - $4
Prints - $10 (1/2 of proceeds from Endangered Ark artwork print sales go towards the World Wildlife Fund!)
Original sketches of varying prices
Matted prints - priced as marked (11X14's are $25, smaller ones range between 10 and 15)
Pendants (including some I haven't posted online yet) -priced as marked
- custom pendant commissions (square - $65, rectangular - $98
Endangered Ark card decks - $28
Disqualified Dog Portfolio CD's - $15 (I only have 3 left!)
Sketchbook commissions - $25+
- Inked - $45+

Pencil - $15
Ink - $25
Heraldic (Ink) - $35
Toony - $35
Regular Full Color - $45
Uber Badge - $80 (limited space for these as I'm doing them at con Friday and Saturday only..unless you want it shipped after the con I can't take em Sunday)

Artwork in the art show will include some things you've seen before as well as things I've never posted online :) I have 2 panels in general, please check em out!
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