An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Some helpful tips

I know that someone somewhere wrote a big list of tips for commissioning an artist. I figured I'd add to the list some things I've observed this last convention. (Please note, this is not intended as mean or tongue in cheek, this is seriously just intended to be helpful, cuz, a lot of folks don't know what it's like to be on the other side of the table!) :)

1. If an artist offers sketchbook commissions, this means that you have your own sketchbook, which might have a theme or not, for the artist to draw in. You leave your book with the artist, they draw in it, then contact you to come pick it up. Asking an artist for a sketchbook commission when you do not have a sketchbook can cause a little bit of confusion, but no worries, most artists tend to bring back up bristol with them for just such emergencies. However, since bristol isn't exactly cheap, and it is way thicker than the paper you tend to get in a regular sketchbook and it is using some of the artist's personal materials, be prepared to pay an extra fee for using a loose leaf sheet of bristol. I tend to charge $5 extra for the sketch/drawing if I use my own bristol because it's way bigger, way thicker, and I really am bringing it as back up supplies for conbadges so its in very limited supply at cons. The folks who did this were very awesome and understanding, you guys rock! But I figured I'd just remind everyone what a "sketchbook commission" usually entails, as this con probably set a record for how many loose-leaf drawings I did on my own bristol (probably about 6?). Glad I brought the full pad! I usually only bring one or two sheets!

2. When offering an artist a character description, I will note a personal opinion that roleplaying descriptions rarely do me any good. This is mostly because most roleplaying descriptions describe the character's motion, what they are doing at that moment, what their voice sounds like, your initial impression of them as you walk into the room, all things that can't be translated onto paper. Several times this weekend I found myself knowing that a character walked with a slight limp and had a voice as smooth as black velvet, but I had no idea what color their hair/eyes/fur was supposed to be. If you provide a role playing description, please be sure to edit it beforehand to include such key items, otherwise you might end up with a text message during party hours asking if your character is a white tiger or a regular orange tiger.

3. Please understand I am not deaf, it hurts my feelings when you say things like "Uber badge? More like Uber PRICE!" right in front of me. I work hard to make art for your enjoyment and already charge less than half of what I earn at my day job to keep in touch with the furry market, please be considerate of this and we'll all get along swimmingly. Besides, I have a lot to offer of differing price ranges and am really eager to work with people on payment plans post-con :)

That's it!
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