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i just sat on a pencil

ow. i always seem to do that *pets leg*

i dont like my hairdresser. i got my hair dyed yesterday...mmmmm feels great.
but everytime i go to her she tries to talk me out of getting my hair dyed this color (red, as always....i think i was born to be a red head..i dont look good as a dirty blonde..dirty dirty!)

then after she dyes it she goes "oh yeah, it IS a pretty color"
then she tried to get my hair cut SUPER short. im trying to grow mine out. i told her just to trim off the split ends.
she chops off 2 inches but i swear i think it was more like 2 1/2. she tries to get her way without me knowing >=( im gonna not notice my hair being gone.

then she knows i have a blank check from my mom to get my hair done, she tries to add more to the ammount by getting me to buy a big bottle of shampoo and conditioner behind my moms back. shes like "oh why dont you just haev your mom buy you shampoo for christmas, here go ahead and pay for it now. its her check right?"


i love my hair LOOOOOOONG. i used to have it down to my trying to get it down that long again. although it took me 10 years. i chopped it off shoulder lenght in 6th grade so lets see....its been growing out for 5 years, of course it would already be there if people didnt keep screwing up my hair by chopping it too short even when i show em a picture.

i wanna stop going to her but she has my "recipe card" thats the specific mixture of my color hair dye i like. i asked for it once and she said she didnt have it. she didnt want me taking it to a new stylist. >=( then when i went back to her..she magically had it again and said "oh i found it".

*sighs* next time im just gonna steal it.

at least my hair is gorgemous now =D *fluff fluff, toss toss, gleam gleam*

"Stop me before i do it again" ~ Bad Religion
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