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Free sketch day - Saving up for a new computer

*EDIT* It's over guys! please read below edits.

Want Free Art?

I'm offering just that.

For one day only, to get a free sketched headshot from me, just fill out the following form, and reply to this entry!:
Text Description (means no 'see description image' please!):
Links to Reference images:
Did I Donate? Yes/No:
Where I have linked your promotion:

What's that last bit about linking? I'm asking that you please advertise for me so other folks can join in the fun. Just post a link to this journal entry and then post where you posted it to and I'll do you a headshot!

You can post this anywhere, your LiveJournal, DeviantArt, FurAffinity, wherever you think interested people will see it!


Because I'm doing sketched full body shots for tips. A donation of $10 or more gets you a full body sketch!

I'm trying to save up enough for a new laptop computer that can handle the CS4 Adobe suite and can operate ustream without crashing. Just think, when I get a new computer, you all can see how I work more often! (My last few experiments with this proved very hard on my current computer, it's time for a change)

If I reach a donation amount of $500, everyone who commented gets a full body drawing!

I will be posting the images to my:

Please, do consider donating for a full body sketch! (IF DONATING FOR A FULL BODY PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LJ NAME IN THE PAYPAL NOTES...I don't know everyone's real names x_x)

Free sketch day ends at Midnight, August 13th Pacific time, and I will be drawing as many sketches as I can during that period of time (I stay up late lol). I will be giving priority to those who have donated and working down from there. If I do not get to your free headshot during this time period, I apologize, but I'm going to try my best to do as many as possible. I work pretty fast. Depending on how well this goes, I may do this again in the future but I'm not sure.

To Donate click below:

1.) I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, donation or not.
2.) If you don't fill out the form properly, I'll tell you, if you don't fix it, you won't get your head shot!
3.) Please don't advertise in the same place that you saw an advertisement. Like, as I just advertised in ArtSales, please don't advertise there again. It just keeps it from being annoyingly spammy! I want to get the word out, not bother people.
4.) I'm only doing as many as I can get done in one day, giving priority to those who donated. If I don't get to your free headshot, I'm sorry! I can only do so much work in one day
5.) One freebie per LJ name, please.
6.) First come, first serve.
7.) Don't have PayPal? Still want to donate? Let me know, we can work something out.
8.) Want something more? Comment here for information about commissions. I'm currently open for lots of options to save up for my computer! If you'd like to email me privately, please send it to thornwolf227 at gmail dot com

Thank you, and have fun!

*Edit...AGAIN! omg...*Just to be clear as mentioned, I'm going to be working on these in order, so I very well may not get to all of them before the day ends. Those who /do/ donate /will for sure/ get a drawing whether it be a headshot or a body shot (if the donation exceeds $10). So, if I don't get to yours before the end of free sketch day, I apologize! The ones who have donated, I will be working on these for a few days I imagine, so please be patient, I'll have something for you :) Thank you again!

*EDIT EDIT OMG EDIT* 12:41 PM PACIFIC TIME - It is officially August 13th and past midnight. I apologize for the confusion, but I did mean tonight. Granted it was more like free sketch "partial day", rather "the day that free sketches were offered", but I was following a friend's lead and really didn't expect this kind of turnout so I figured I'd play it safe and go for a few hours. SO! That said, to make things fair and because I wasn't exactly clear, everyone who has commented up to the point of this edit will receive their headshot (or full body depending on if they donated), just please be patient and wait for a few days and I should have them all done. Learning experience! I will do this again the future, and shortly I'll have some art for you. But for now, bed time!

Thank you everyone.
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