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Autumn Icons and Painter badges

It's that time of year again, my absolute favorite season, Fall! Or Autumn if you prefer :)

To celebrate (and also to celebrate the fact that I'm learning how to use Painter), I'm offering Autumn Themed Icons and other Painter goodies :3

Paypal fees are INCLUDED in the price, folks! And that paypal addy is the same you send your descriptions to: thornwolf227 at gmail dot com.

Autumn Icons: $20
Any other theme of icon: $25
Painter conbadges: $45 (more detailed cuz's bigger!)

A sample of what they look like:

In the case of icons you get both the original size file as well as the small icon version. With badges you get the high res file :)

Again, I'm still saving up for my computer (I'm half way there!) so these commissions really are helping me reach that goal. Right now I'm working on my old desktop computer which is older than the laptop but is being very kind to me at present (knocks on wood).

As for Halloween badges, they're being colored as we speak (well, rather, they were before I started writing this and will continue to be so after I'm done), so expect a post with those later today :)

So, anyone game for a little dash of autumn on their LJ?

1. lyosha - paid
2. ethethlay
3. bloodhoundomega
4. trufflehog - paid
5. crowebasalt - paid
6. katarina42 - paid

Thanks guys! Please remember to pay promptly or your spot goes up for grabs by week's end unless otherwise arranged!
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