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Personal Art

Ok. I think I'm not "Indy" enough to fully appreciate and understand Donnie Darko, but I will say that that movie scared the everloving shit out of me. It's become sort of an ongoing joke between myself and skorzy, who loved it (vantid shares my opinions on this, however, at least I'm not alone in this).

Frank freaks me out. Period.

After watching the movie recently, skorzy wanted me to "Frank-ify" him. So I did.

(actual size I worked at)

I can't tell you how difficult this was for me to draw because the reference images I used were staring at me with that horrid grin! Even though I drew this whole thing from scratch and know logically it's just a bunch of pixels, it still feels like it's going to pop out of my screen and creepily ask me about time travel :(

I actually attempted to draw one for myself but haven't found the time to finish it yet, but regardless, here's the sketch page so you can see it anyways:
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