An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Fridge go boom

Ok. My refrigerator completely kicked the bucket on Thanksgiving week. I'm able to salvage almost everything fortunately (bye bye milk :() so I can still cook (yeah, I'm cooking the whole thing, figures this would happen but it was a POS anyways I should have known better lol), but its an expense I didn't quite expect to happen right now.

I know I said I'm closed for commissions but I really need to make up for this new/used fridge I got off of craigslist (thank god for craigslist, I was able to get a working one for half the price of a new one). I have one commission I /need/ to finish this week or next (mauricia because of its autumn nature), but would anyone like a badge that's christmas in theme done in this style:

So yanno, dressed like a reindeer, or simply with reindeer antlers, turkey, dressed as a christmas tree, angel, menorah, santa, a holiday gift, dreidel, kwanzaa cake...(?) silly stuff like that :) Or really, anything you wanna be dressed as, but figured I'd throw the holiday theme out there.

They'd be a flat $25, free shipping, and I can do them while I'm visiting family for Thanksgiving (I can't take digital stuff with me currently) I promise I won't spill cranberry sauce on them (although my recipe's kinda delicious so I dunno if you like that sort of thing haha)

So, would anyone be interested? Slots available that I can finish over Thanksgiving weekend while I'm away:
1. furtech
2. Reserved
3. furtech
4. vickimfox

Also, I'm still going to be doing winter icons but that won't start until later.

Thank you so much!
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