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Kitty cat claws and a pressie for Meezer =)

Yay! heres a little gifty i did for Winged Siamese. a quick little doodle..nothin special but i hope she likes it...

and also, today my friend Liz who works at the vet, brought me some kitty cat claws. when they declaw the cats at work she gives me the claws to add to projects and such. also, shes gonna be giving me some teeth when they do some dental work. cool! now all i gotta do is figure out what im gonna do with them. perhaps add them to spirit bags, feathers, ornaments, etc. but first i gotta get the remaining fur/tendon off. dad suggested boiling them, but anyone else got any suggestions? i have 9 of em. i would have had 10 but as Liz was picking them up off the ground..some lady was lookinga t her funny so she threw it away, lol!
also, if anyone has any project ideas that could involve kitty cat claws, that would be great. =)

im working on those stupid kid drawnings today. i have 8 done. i need to have 25 total by the time i go to NY. at least im getting paid for it. i have so much to do!

gonna go do some more christmas shopping today. alone. sad huh? at least im independent enough to feel comfy with being alone. ;)

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