An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Weekend Work - Sketch pages!

Hey everyone! I'm going to try something different. Usually on the weekends I go to visit skorzy but in doing that I don't have access to my digital art programs and I leave my larger commissions at home, but I still like being productive.

Here's what I'm offering:

For $30, shipping included, you get one full page of sketches/expressions/poses of your character, in pencil, on a sheet of 8.5X11" paper. And you have the original sent to you!

For those who enjoy seeing the thought process of an artist, enjoy to see multiple renditions of your character or just plain like my doodles, here's your chance to have your very own page completely dedicated to you! Unfortunately I don't have any examples at this time, but if you're reading this blog I'm sure you're by now familiar with my sketch work.

Also, they make great gifts! I'll put it in a clear plastic sheet for you for protection and easy storage as well as presentation.

Would anyone be interested? I'm going to take 3 to start and see how it goes:
1. okojosan

Comment here if interested, I'll reply, and send paypal and description to thornwolf227 at gmail dot com.

Thank you so much!
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