An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Pre-Christmas Commission Status

These are a list of the things I need to finish before I leave for Christmas. I am not posting the status of my other commissions that are not pre-holiday time sensitive as they are not relevant to this time frame and I want to make sure that I have everyone on the list that had a winter icon or a weekend-sketch page. I will be finishing these this week.

Weekend Sketch Pages *Closed!*:
-Okojosan - half done
-Ice - Done (picking up today)
-Duraluminwolf x2 - Not Paid
-ClumsyCardHouse (DA) - Not started
-Puppetdog (DA) - Not started

Winter Icons *Closed!*:
-Karu Dragon - needs adjustment
-Hollyann - not started
-Kayla_La - not started
-Captain Q - not started
-MsBlueSky - not started
-Katarina42 - not started
-FlannMoriath (DA)- not started

If there is anyone I have forgotten to list (these are off the top of my head), please please email me and say so! If you would like to otherwise know the status of your commission not listed here, write me at thornwolf227 AT gmail DOT com

Comments disabled, please email me if you should be on this list and are not or if you have questions!
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