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Plushies for sale!

Some old some new...check em out. you know you wanna...and theyre VERY inexpensive. merry christmas everyone! =)

went shopping today. ugh. what a nightmare...

walked for 6 hours. on a good note though i got myself a winter coat for going to Tav's. yay! had to shop in the little boys section boys =P

and guess what.good news...I GOT A SCRIPT TO STORYBOARD!
the president of Osmosis Productions is hiring me to storyboard this psych-thriller/horror script. very low budget but hey..its a start...and he LOVES my storyboards so ROCK ON! go doing something i love =)

figured out paypal today with LOADS of help to Pardo. also talked to a great Yerf Artist..whos name slipped my mind *sorry!! im bad with names* but her CG skills are phenominal! and shes sweet to boot! i got her hooked up on Wolfhome. her user name is Naikitta i think. pose commissions from her. shes good =)

and Mirror Eyes what the heck is up with that one bad spelling wolf girl on Oakies forums today with the art theft and the bad grammar? dude, people need to lay off. someone used my art for RP once and me and Frisket ripped em a new one.

okay, well im gonna go call my wuffy cuz he was having a bad day. poor baby...

AND TIFF I LOVE YOU!!! *huggles*
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