An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Computer for sale - Macintosh G4

Just putting out the feelers on this one.

I have a Macintosh G4 (desktop/tower) to sell. It's fully loaded with programs, the Adobe CS3 suite, Microsoft Office, even Painter 10, comes with a keyboard and a mouse, and I have an HP flat screen monitor I'll throw in but you'd have to get the cords for it as I had it hooked up to a PC prior and I think the cords are different.

My asking price is $450 OBO

Would anyone be interested?

You'd not only be getting a very decent Apple computer, but you'd also be getting lots of art programs and whatnot.

I'm going to FC so I figured I'd offer it here so if anyone who's not local to me wanted to pick it up there they could, as I don't really want to ship it. Also, my local haunts are Orange County, San Diego, and San Bernardino, so meetups can be arranged if you're a local and want it.

I'd have to have a little bit of time to take my files off of it as when my laptop died it was my workhorse for a couple of months, but that won't take long.
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