An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Pendants and other things I have available post con

I have some pendants left I figured I'd offer online for anyone who wants them. Free shipping within the US! $3 for anywhere else.


St. Christopher pendants. Small: $20, Large (with gold accents): $30. The fox and grapes one is the one I hadn't photographed that I had in the show. A friend of mine now owns him :D

Large gray husky: $25, cinnamon husky: $20. I don't have any of the cinnamon husky ones made up anymore as I sold out of those but if you wanted one I can make one at no additional cost, it will just take a little longer to get to you.

Tigers: $20. I sold out of the orange, but I have 2 white ones readily available. Again, if you want an orange one it's not a problem it will just take a little longer as I have to make another one.

Otters and Foxes: $15. I don't have any more of the circular wolves at this time and am not sure when I'll have more available. I expect to have some longer rectangular wolf designs available in the future, but I'll photograph those when I have them

Not pictured: I have one circular St. Christopher, no gold accents, for $10, and one circular orange tiger, both are $10. I'll see about photographing them if anyone's interested.


I have 2 matted prints available. One is a print of my Knitting Needles porcupine piece, and the other is of my Ursus californicus bear with the flag piece. Both are $25 each, and again, come matted with foamcore backing board, ready to frame in an 11X14" frame of your choice. If you'd like either of these please let me know!

Email me at thornwolf227 at gmail dot com if you'd like anything!
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