An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

FC art

Here's some art I did at my table at FC. THe rest are under the cut, and be warned, one of them has boobs/nipples but it's tasteful.

Sorry about the /horrible/ horrible photos. There wasn't as much light at my table as I would have liked. Next year, I'm bringing a lamp! If anyone has scans of something I made for them at the con I'd appreciate it!


Badge for Rain, my first snow leopard ever!

Toony Badge for Soren. The colors turned out horrible in this photo. Boo!

Transformation pic for Provo the beagle. I never have done transformation pics, so this was kind of fun!

Pic for Kiwa and his mate who is a satyr. These guys are so nice! I loved drawing for them, cuz well, duh..look at their characters. They're right up my alley!

Sketch in Mystee's "Squirrels are good for..." sketchbook. No that is not Sarge :P He'd never be caught dead in anything other than flannel or his uniform.
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