An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Art Dump! And $10 sketch and color chibi commissions!

Been a bit. Figured I'll start updating this LJ in art dumps for the smaller stuff like sketchydoodles and the like.

Digital sketch for "HGLAHL" on FA

Digital sketch for was1

Digital sketch for BlackFerret on FA

I have 2 more slots for digital sketches at this time, they are $10! Comment if interested
1. feather_dancer

I got skorzy into The Venture Brothers. Here's the big version of an LJ icon I did for him. THE ORANGE COUNTY LIBERATION FRONT! >:[ unbelievably fitting XD

Sketch page for from_memory that was long overdue. (Sorry about the wait)

A badge I did as my half of a trade with murph_mongrel. He was the one that edited together that lovely anniversary video for myself and skorzy :) The "BF" stands for Ben Folds, btw, not "boyfriend" or "beef" XD

And last but not least, some little chibi mini fat things I drew for skorzy and murph_mongrel. These are actual size. I want to put them in my mouth! :D TINY!

If you want one of these, they're $10, comment if interested, but please this time include your username/character ref information and everything IN the paypal email, I'm finding its harder and harder for me to keep this stuff all together when I don't know which RL name goes with which fan name. Also I'm not shipping these, but if you want your shipped its $5 extra, and please let me know in advance so I can not draw it in the middle of the page and have to snip through a gauntlet of other characters. Paypal's still the same, thornwolf227 AT gmail DOT com.

1. tugrik - Done
2. carrot_gecko (ship)
3. feather_dancer (ship)

Regular commission status, still plugging away on those. I need these smaller "sense of accomplishment" things I can actually finish instantaneously or else I'll burn out.

Baaack to work. *whipcrack*
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