An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Auction! - Lot of 34 mini prints from Disqualified Dogs Portfolio CD!

Ok first of all this auction link is NSFW

I'm selling my sample booklet for the Disqualified Dogs Portfolio CD. This booklet contains high quality mini-prints printed on photo paper that were used to show a quick sample of every image that was included with the CD. Since I've sold out of the CDs entirely, I have no use for the sample booklet anymore and I'm trying to pare down some of my stuff.

There are TONS of artists in this thing, including oCe, Damalia, Java, Maggock, Miss Monster, Bloodhound Omega, Adam Wan, Keovi, just tons of talented folks and really awesome images.

And they're all together in a nice little booklet for easy storage and protection.

So please, check it out, the auction ends Sunday.
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