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Tiff and i went to get our hair trimmed at supercuts today. The lady was nice, but shes like "does your hair normally fall out this easily?" and i said no, but ive dyed it way too many times in the past few months cuz once the guy kept doing it wrong and i had to go back." that sucked. I shed sometimes. big deal. Its not like it happens all the time and i got REALLY thick hair, i cant even put it in a ponytail sometimes. *sigh*

Tiff and i got applications to starbucks. I had planned on working at blockbuster but hey, anyplace that will give me money is fine. I gotta go to blockbuster still...
one of the questions on the starbucks application was :

What do you like most about coffee?

im gonna say.. Cuz its perky, just like ME!!! =P hee hee

iiii dunno. what are you supposed to say to that anyways?

I just gave Tiffalynx a live journal code so hopefully shell get hers going soon and she can rant about the stuff i fail to mention, lol! Shes nice, so...if ya see her, give her a warm welcome wont ya?

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