An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

TONS of originals for sale, General and Adult!

I'm cleaning out my art bins and I figured I'd post a bunch of stuff up for sale. I currently have 2 auctions running, one for General art, one for Adult art:

Please click here to view my current auction listings:

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Info about the General art auction - starting bid $5: 25 original drawings, some sketches, some finished, even one color! These are things that either made it into finished pieces, had every intention to, or were just part of my thought process.

Included in this auction are also 2 out of production prints, and once those are gone, no more will be made. If the bidding goes over $50, I'll put in 2 more high quality prints along with the lot.
Click here for the auction w/ sample image, NSFW:

Info about the Adult art auction - starting bid $5: 8 original sketches, again, some that were the original drawings for finished images, some that were just part of my thought process.

Included in this auction are 4 adult themed prints, again, out of production, so once these are gone I will not be making any more. If the bidding goes over $30 I will be including 2 more out of production adult themed prints.

A little background about the adult art, I'm totally cleaning out my adult artwork, meaning I likely won't be drawing anything more than the odd pinup every now and again. It's something I tried, I didn't like it, so I'm getting rid of everything I have. Plus, I like drawing women anyways and the fandom seems more male-centric, which this auction is. So, just something to consider.

Thank you so much for looking!
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