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i have sinned - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
i have sinned
i eat like a pregnant woman. i find the most disgusting things to eat and i crave them. just ask tav..the other day i was asking for Spam =P
i went to mcdonalds in poway today. *evil! they kill the rainforest*. ive never been a fan of their food buti love the fries. i went there and the freaks at the window who were pierced and grungy and disgusting gave me my fish filet and i drove off. fish filets used to be pretty yummy..now theres no hint of a fish ever existing in them..just batter thats chewy and makes my jaws stick shut. gross. =P

Pardo, im having your shirts made. i did one with the pic and "Pardo Nightwalker" on the front and i did one with the pic on the back with a pocket logo that says "Pardo Nightwalker". told you id have them done right. ill have to mail them thursday though cuz theyre backed up. =P ah well..at least youll get them before christmas, no? ;)

now i have to work on the billions of things i need to finish before i leave:
17 more children to draw/color for a 4th grade teacher
Kahateni's lay pose *may n ot finish it*
Tavis' parents christmas present
simion lonewolf's commission *may have to work on it on the plane as well..he STILL looks maniacle!*
my aunts logo, due tomorrow.

Gah! *convulses*

Current Mood: guilty guilty

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pardouncia From: pardouncia Date: December 19th, 2002 10:25 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks Thorn. I knew you'd get it done right. I have faith in you. Just one question though, did you remember the pawprint on the back of the one with the pic and my name on the front, and the little pawprint on the pocket on the one with my name on the pocket and the pic on the back? Did I even make any sense there? Anyway, if you forgot the pawprint, no worries. I'll certainly live. I appreciate all the trouble you've gone through for this. I'll be happy to get the before Christmas. Thanks! *pads off happily, tail twitching behind him*
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