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TL;DR = Show me your workspace!

It's weird. The thing I'm looking forward to most about moving is designing my ideal workspace. I want to do it right this time instead of just "making due" like I have been doing for the last several years (oh god, it's been over 5 and I've had the same crappy hand-me-down corner me!), so fortunately there's cheap furniture stores like Ikea that can make this all possible for a decently inexpensive price.

I'm a living room worker. Even if I had my own "office" space, chances are, I'll end up in the living room. I have to be in the central point of the house where all the action happens. It's close to the kitchen, chances are there's a TV in there, I don't feel isolated, and I can work WHILE people commune in this friendly space. I paint in the living room, I draw, I even do my day job stuff (I work from home, and guess what, I'm always in the living room! I rarely sit at my desk. My desk is currently an unhappy, small, pointed at the wall place). Fortunately, skorzy knows this and is completely supportive of me setting up shop in the living room, but feels I should have my own "space" that meets /all/ or at least most of my needs in order to keep my mess out of the common areas as much as possible. I think that's awesome! Him being around so many of you artists with all your individual working habits has benefitted me greatly in this regard :D

So whatever workspace I make for myself will have to fit in the living room.
I have a big computer monitor (read: one you can see from space, flatscreen) and my laptop, which I'll hook my laptop up to the monitor, so no need for tower space, but I would need room enough to paint next to my computer (yes, I do this, yes, I'm careful) but I need space to lay all my crap down so it's within easy access while I work. An issue I had while working on "Frostbite" at my computer was that I didn't have enough space to lay the actual piece flat on the desk itself (i used a wooden lap desk instead) and my colored pencils kept falling off of my desk (and it wasn't like I was using a lot of colors!)

Here are some other points I would enjoy in my workspace:
-Big, deep table with enough space for me to push back my monitor, have room for my laptop to lay flat (or flip up if the monitor's not hooked up to it) and enough room to paint at my desk.
-Table is low enough that I don't have to pump my chair up to ungodly heights to reach it.
-Preferably a swing out rack for my keyboard but I might have to build that myself
-A small, stand up mirror so I can observe my own facial expressions for drawing purposes /at/ my work station (instead of running into the bathroom and coming back out like I do now)
-Either pointable at the TV OR big enough for a small tv monitor to be put on the desk itself (or a separate stand in front of it?) if it has to be put against the wall (like a 20" or less screen, my dad has one in his office because he has similar habits to me and solves a lot of TV related issues lol)
-2 desk lamps so I can set up light studies in the far corner of the desk , also, 2 lamps = non directional lighting for working!

This, the EXPEDIT desk/bookshelf set, (Yay Ikea!) almost fits the bill of what I want in terms of style and function, but even after seeing it in person I'm not certain that the desk itself is deep enough for my purposes:

The desk itself is $50, the bookshelves are sold separately (the shelf amount shown is $159, but they have smaller shelves for as low as $70), but the desk attaches directly to them in this case

What I can probably do is hack it with another black/brown table that's deeper, but I like those shelves (and they're also the same style we're looking at for the living room entertainment center) but the issue in that case is unless I can omit the "legs" on the other side of the table and attach it directly to the shelves like the photos shows, I'm paying $159 for use of only half the shelves because the others will be blocked by the table legs. Alternate shelving instead? Put the smaller shelf next to the desk which is essentially just a big table? Any suggestions on this from you Ikea aficionados, I'd love to hear it!

ANYWAYS! Artists, people who use your desk as your ultimate command center, what does your workspace look like? Photos, suggestions, etc, I wanna hear em! I wanna do it right this time around when it comes to organizing my workspace, and I'm sure a lot of you have thought of some clever things I couldn't even fathom when it comes to saving space and making the most out of your work area.
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