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when will the stress end??!!!

okay heres a list of all i had to do today:
buy socks
buy long underwear (could only afford one pair...shamefully expensive!)
ask heather if i could borrow her snow pants
get my pants back from the tailors
get moms and mikes presents
wrap presents
finish my aunts logo
draw some more of those stupid kids before thursday
color them

and now i still have to:

wrap more presents
make fudge
color those stupid kid drawings
gather up my postcard list
sign christmas cards and figure out who i forgot

and tomorrow i have to:
pick up the snow pants from heather
finish my secret santa drawing
finish coloring those kids
collect payment
find a frame for tavis' parents present
get pardos shirts ready for mailing
get my prints back from kinkos
make prints of tavis' parents present *before i get it framed..ugh!*

and thursday i have to:
cash checks
mail pardos original and shirts
mail selunca's plush
mail Xian's present and card
go to the airport
fly away from this miserable shithole of a town!

not to mention i have like a billion things i should have also had done already
and i think i forgot a lot!


so if i seem a little preoccupied, and if i have my away message on..back..away...slowly..or i will suck you into the stress.
im stressed out..dont touch dont touch!
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