An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Please help a fellow artist!

My friend swandog's art has been seriously stolen on a corporate level and being a small businesswoman, she doesn't have the funds to fight it on her own. A plan has been made to take legal action, but it is a bit costly and she needs a bit of help from the community so she can stop the damage. Unfortunately, since legal action is pending, she can't be more specific about /where/ this is happening and who is doing it publicly until things are in motion. We're all hoping this gets handled out of court because as you know, fighting a company stealing your art is difficult, but it doesn't mean we as artists should sit back and let it happen.

From her FA journal:
Am trying to collect donations to cover the cost of legal fees for pursuing a massive case of art theft overseas. I was asked by my friends to post about it over here as well, in order that they might spread the word for me, but I can't give any specific details (publicly) about the theft itself; sorry. (All that info is in my friends-locked LJ.) Thanks in advance to anyone who would like to help out, and I will keep those who are interested posted on the outcome. My PayPal addy is: swandog[at] (would post the donate button here, but it didn't work).

Also, happy birthday to me. Wish the circumstances were better, that I might actually be able to enjoy it some. *sigh*


Please, if you believe in artist's rights and copyright protection, please help her out. Every little bit helps. We can't let these companies think they can get away with this bullshit just because we're freelancers.

Thank you for your time :)
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