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Filet Mignon w/ Brandy & Mushroom Sauce

Awhile ago I purchased 8 filets from the meat fairy door-to-door steak salesman and my boyfriend and I have been trying a new recipe with each one. The first 2 were full of fail: first one I tried to wing it with a wine sauce, the second recipe was a Bobby Flay wine sauce that even when followed to the letter, turned out very flat and boring.

We tried an Emeril recipe this time and I think this is the winning one!


It uses shiitake mushrooms (the ones we bought were as big as my hand! Yay Whole Foods!) and whole roasted garlic which just made the dish have this extra element of awesome texture. I found some "wild mushroom" Near East brand rice pilaf and some asparagus to go along with it. All around a winning dish!


I have a really old stove *smirk*. This sauce was great with everything, I highly recommend the pairing with the Near East mushroom rice pilaf as the sauce blended well with their spices as well. We added extra mushrooms and extra garlic than what the recipe called for. A good decision, as it didn't over-garlic the dish but added some more nuggets of flavor to munch on.

Here's the link to the recipe:
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