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Califur came and went, and I gotta say it was a pretty chill con. Lucrative, but chill. Thanks to everyone who made it so awesome! This con worked out pretty well because since we're so close, we didn't have to stay in the hotel, thus saving some money. This of course had some drawbacks on the social front, but it was nice doing homework in a familiar environment with "free" internet. The internet situation at the hotel was Not the con's fault of course, the hotel internet rates were just way too expensive. We were able to get some references off of skorzy's iPhone (if we leaned it up against a metal mug for amplifying the signal..dumb!)

I got to see and meet a lot of cool people, lots of folks who I've seen online forever but never actually met in person, such as stokerbramwell, commodoremarie and krigulv just to name a couple, but thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and chatted with me for a bit.

Califur in general seemed a bit slower than usual in terms of attendance, though sales didn't suffer much in my experience, it was "different" this year somehow. I just really hope the convention isn't dying, as I would hate to see it go. I think the sudden cancellation of a lot of folks kinda hit hard, in a very "perfect storm" kind of way. At least that's what I'm hoping it was.

Also thanks to the coordinators, especially Glen, who made sure the dealers had a delicious breakfast waiting for them in the mornings. I gotta say that bacon quiche was incredible and having breakfast waiting for me while I had some catch up work to do was just what I needed to keep me going.

And now for some Califur art come home! Under the cut for your convenience

Someone actually had a pill bug character! Way too cool :3 Anyways this is a bad pun, I figure I'll explain it for those who might be going "whaa?"

-Pillbugs are sometimes called "woodlice". Woodlouse rhymes with "House"
-House MD of course is obsessed with vicodin...pills, pill bug..etc.
-And of course, House's obsession with Lupus

Ta-daaah! Yeah I know, really corny.

Pic for krigulv of two versions of the same character having a racially charged argument. All in good fun of course :)

Juuuust a meerkat

Drake asked me to draw Six True Words the kirin in "period clothing". Any period. Guess what I picked.

Full color badge for AzureFury/Azzy. I really like how this one turned out :3
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