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Anatomy of an Anniversary - An Illustrated Guide

Today was mine and skorzy's 2 year anniversary, but we celebrated it this past weekend by "redoing" our very first trip together. We went to Palm Springs and stayed at the Caliente Tropics, a delightfully cliche but surprisingly high quality tiki themed hotel from the 60's, lounged by the pool, and went to the Blue Coyote Grill for dinner and their famous "face-on-the-floor" Wild Coyote Margaritas which have become sort of a tradition with our group of friends. The last time we did this, I underestimated their power and by the time we got back to the hotel I thought for certain the closet was going to eat me with how much it was appearing to be wiggling and lunging towards me, but this time I went in prepared for battle with appropriate expectations, and of course, my sketchbook to chronicle the night's events. We ordered a pitcher. Heaven help us.

The adventure begins! Drawings by me, dialogue by me, additional commentary and technical illustrations by skorzy. I'll uh...translate for you because my writing is shit normally, it just gets worse.

Niko: Alright... here we go!
Pitcher Status: On the launch pad (-2: each pitcher holds approximately 6 margaritas, 2 were in our glasses already)

Niko: Oh look, misters! (we sat outside on the patio, in desert heat, misters are really awesome, even at night!)
Skorzy: You better drink to catch up with me!
Pitcher Status: 1/2 empty - Main engine ignition...LIFTOFF! WE HAVE LIFTOFF!

Another couple seated next to us heard that it was our anniversary and treated us to shots of something called a "Green Meanie" which I'm pretty sure had midori in it because it was sweet and delicious. Niko has a Ponyo-esque wall-eyes.
Pitcher Status: Margarita pitcher in orbit...change in distance = 135 miles...Dinner @ Palm Springs (waaaay down there)

Niko: And then George Strait...he did a was called something "Country".. (still just starting margarita #2)
Skorzy: Woah, slow down on the sauce
Pitcher Status: Pitcher Docked with ISS

Niko: o/` She was makin' guacamole all night long! o/` (those who attended my 24th birthday will remember that song XD, click here to listen! )
Skorzy: Why in the hell did we get a pitcher?
Pitcher Status: Pitcher engaged for re-entry *disengage!*

Niko: Ok, we got a bit silly there for a minute, I'm cool, I'm cool
Skorzy: Only because I've been drinking twice as much as you
Pitcher Status: Pitcher has returned to earth, or has it? (Apollo mission parachutes dates the rat!) also..he wrote what appeared to be "SPRASH!" so I of course had to doodle a little Kim Jong Il popping in to say "Herro..."

Niko: Wilma is hot
Skorzy: But she's married to a moron
Niko: So is Betty. At least Fred is the king of morons. Besides, Barney keeps stealing his fruity pebbles
Skorzy: Oh right, I forgot about that...
Pitcher Status: DONE!
Major Nelson: Is anyone going to recover me? (lol Major Nelson....and a very badly drawn Jeannie)

While waiting for our check, I discovered that my belt had broken. Don't get the wrong idea, it was on its way out as I seriously damaged it when we went camping the weekend before, it was only a matter of time before it bit the big one, but of course in any context it looks bad

Niko: =( My belt broke..
Skorzy: No more desserts for you!

(And at this point it had become apparent that I had completely forgotten how to draw anything below the waist and feet just further confounded me. Feet? We don't need no stinkin' feet!)

All in all it was an amazing anniversary, and be happy this even got posted at all, skorzy is so persistent when I'd just as soon hide my sketchbook away forever XD
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