An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Two tone character portraits! - FULL! Thank you

Found my brown paper sketchbook and did some playing with my white gel pen, I figured I'll offer some two tone character headshot/portraits in the same style as this:

(skorzy's dog character, Greylock)

...though likely more detailed as they'll be bigger than this one was.

They're $10 if they're not shipped in which you will receive a high resolution scan of your image, $12 to have it shipped (so an additional $2 to cover costs). If you buy more than one of these of course you only pay shipping once if you choose that option. Please be advised if you opt to not have your image shipped, it may end up in a bulk bin as I do my spring cleaning sales, so just fair warning. I don't have a lot of space here unfortunately x_x

Please comment to reserve a spot! Paypal only, can be sent to thornwolf227[at]

Thank you for looking!

1. Stevefoxx
2. Stevefoxx
3. KCRavenYote
4. Restitution69
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