An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Help me get to Antheria! Two Tone Character Portraits

So I need to raise money to cover my Antheria costs so I can hopefully go...basically I need to register my table.

To raise money for this I'm offering more Two Tone Character Portraits in this style:

They are $10 if you don't want them shipped and want to receive the high res scan (you may pick it up from me at a convention either Antheria, MFF, or FC, but please let me know and actually do so otherwise it may end up in a future "spring cleaning" sale), or if you would like to have it shipped its just an additional $2 (total of $12 for sketch and shipping).

Paypal is, I am only accepting paypal for this offer. Please pay upon receiving confirmation that you have received a spot. Please comment if interested!

1. Hyenafur - paid - pick up
2. BitWulf - paid - ship
3. RFTigermode - paid - ship
4. Grau - paid - ship w/ others
5. Grau - 1/2 paid - ship w/ others
6. Arbey
7. Arbey
8. Tascun
9. Keesh
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