An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Antheria - Yes I'm still going

Okay first of all a very important announcement: As per 2 the Ranting Gryphon, convention chair, the convention hotel has indeed moved venues. Please go here (or the official Antheria website) for the thread that explains the details and what you can do to fix it (it's an easy fix, relatively).

Yes, I know it sucks, yes its really unprofessional blah blah blah please I don't want to discuss the drama here because I've had enough of a headache with registration and other BS, I'm just showing you where you can go to fix things. It's a very easy fix, fortunately. Since I'm relatively unaffected by this change (I'm staying locally with friends, not at the hotel) I've decided to still go to the convention because, hey, I'm local, and I want to sell you things!

Here's what I'll be offering:

-Prints of selected works (some new images too) for $10 each
-Conbadges of various types and price ranges
-Sketchbook commissions, pencil and ink options (no color, sorry...there's too many variables in paper type in people's sketchbooks and some don't hold color well while others do) additional cost will apply for providing my own bristol
-Stickers and Magnets of the adorable raptor/horse/anteater et al (with luck!)
-Endangered Ark Decks
Open Edition - $18
Limited Edition (comes with a free sketch of your character) - $28
-Pendants, (prints and originals of varying prices, starting as low as $10) These are buy 1 get another 1/2 off btw
-ACEO Prints
-Original sketches (which are in my print book)

I'll be primarily hanging out with Balaa, Bagheera, Ferality and Isil, because (hopefully, we requested it) we'll be sitting next to each other.

I have garage sale items being picked up by Brown_Wolf, but if you would like to buy a garage sale item and want to pick it up at Antheria, please take a look at my previous entry, pick your item, and lemme know!

See you there :)
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