An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Its that time of year again - Autumn Icons! (Also Badges)

So I'm currently away from home for the next week but I have my tablet and I'm doing some digital stuff while I'm away from my supplies. I just got commissioned for an autumn icon and it reminded me "oh yeah! It IS autumn!" although its hard to tell with all the crazy hot weather we've been having.

SO! That said, if you want a spiffy new autumn themed icon (or halloween, that's coming up too!) I am now offering them! I'm also offering autumn themed badges for those so inclined.

Icons are $25 and you get a big version as well as the small version. If you'd like a badge in this style, they start at $65 (price goes up depending on level of detail, just talk to me with your idea for a quote but base price is head/neck with basic b/g) and are 3"x4" at 300 DPI.

Examples of icons:

Examples of badges: (Example of base price model - head/neck)

Anyone interested? Please comment! I accept paypal only, sent to


1.Klandagi - icon - paid - DONE
2.Khajja - icon - paid
3.Feather Dancer - icon - paid - DONE
4.Idess - icon - paid
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