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last day here

well, it was uneventful until about 4:00 PM. we were going to go to the city today but the weather was horrible. snow, rain, freezing temperatures, wind,....just not worth it. so yeah..didnt go to the city during my stay, but to tell you the truth i didnt really want to. staying indoors appealed to me more =)

lounged around the house today, ate some brownies, tavis cashed his paycheck and bought me a bootleg copy of "Treasure Planet" from China.
he also took me to the best sushi place on the island. and by best i mean everyone says its the best, and they give you LOTS of fish!! =D *yum* so that makes about 4 or 5 times ive had sushi in a 2 week period. im spoiled ;)
we then attempted to see a movie with a bunch of his friends but that didnt work out so well cuz we couldnt find parking. literally there were no spaces. *not at tav's theatre, the stadium one..we were gonna go see About Schmidt or however its spelled*

so Tav and i decided to go home and snuggle and watch Treasure Planet..only to find that it was very disappointing.
first of all, it was clear that someone just brought a camera into a movie theatre cuz every now and again youd see someone walk by with popcorn or hear a baby crying and hear the crowd laughing at the funny parts.
secondly, there were captions you just couldnt get rid of...its like they were subtitles for the movie, and they were in english, but they didnt even go along with what was going on with the movie. in fact...we found out later they were the captions for Minority Report. so you could watch Treasure Planet and read what was going on in Minority Report. but halfway through the other movie, the captions started over again from the beginning, so even if you wanted to you couldnt read how Minority Report ended. does that even make any sense? i dunno im rambling...oh and they were also very badly translated. lol

poor Tavy, it was so sweet of him to buy that for me just out of the blue like that. his friends said that when they buy those chinese bootleg movies theyre actually really good quality but for some reason ours wasnt. Tav's such a sweetie though, and i must say, it was a very good movie. =)

everything was going nicely tonight until i accidentally cut Tavis with my ring when we were play fighting. =( the bleeding wouldnt stop and im not sure if it has stopped yet. i feel really horrible.i always end up ruining something when its going perfectly *kicks self*

i go back home tomorrow. not looking forward to it. that means i have to go back to reality and face school again. ive grown quite used to this lifestyle *though im not too keen on the weather*.

ah well. my next plan is to get a job so i can afford to see Tavis again in the near future. im going to miss him terribly.
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