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Art [Personal]

I always feel weird posting a finished piece along with a doodle because I feel one gets overshadowed by the other, but since these both started off as doodles and I only took one a little bit further, I guess its okay.

"Into The Wind" - Mechanical Pencil

This started off as a doodle in my sketchbook that got bigger, and bigger, and bigger until it took over an entire page. There was lots of erasing and redrawing. Fortunately Mochi and Katze were there to smack me and tell me to leave it alone.

I might have this available at the MFF art show. I say "might", even though I fully intend to have it for sale, but I have an aversion to promising anything to being a "sure thing" when airline travel is involved. Maybe this windy wolf is conjuring up safe air for me to travel on? I hope so.


"Ass Up" - sketchbook doodle
Would have put the "Muttropolis" title on this one but its not really a comic so much as its just a doodle.

Skorzy and I have been taking a lot of mini-roadtrips together the past month and a half and I bring along my music. He doesn't always like or is as familiar with my musical tastes, but he tolerates it pretty well and we have some similar interests.

There's one song that Vantid and I would always make fun of whenever we were in the car and that's Baracuda's "Ass Up" but when you listen to the lyrics "Put your ass in the air, put your ass up in the air" It somewhat sounds like "Put GIRAFFES in the air, put GIRAFFES up in the air", so the altered lyrics stuck.

I forgot that Skorzy hadn't gotten the memo.
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