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The art of Thornwolf
Huge Art Dump(tm) and a simple request
Custom ACEO for Korrok (watercolor)

Autumn Icon for Silkie (painter)

Autumn Icon for Hyasinth (painter)

Autumn Icon for Kace (painter)

I'm not accepting any more autumn icons or painter icons in general at this time. I MAY open up again closer to Christmas for winter icons, at which time you may also request another theme if you wish, but I gotta play catch up right now and with MFF looming I'm kind of overwhelmed with a lot of my responsibilities.

Iron Artist commissions are still going on to help me pay down my credit card. I've been making really good progress on this and I'm getting close to my goal of having half paid off by the end of the year. Thanks guys for your help so far! Details for these are here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1784180/

Here's the latest ones I've done

For Khajja

For Kace

Something I'd like to mention, can you guys please not message me on this LJ Private Messaging system? I posted my email address on my profile for you guys so you know the best way to get ahold of me, but I've found that for some reason people have gotten this notion that email is "too personal" and that PMs on public sites are less invasive, I assure you, I prefer email, you are not bothering me or cluttering up my email inbox in any way, that's what it's there for. Its just that I cannot guarantee I will get back to you on the LJ system because its full of issues and just not comfortable for me to use so I avoid it. Same goes for DA notes. On both LJ and DA I just discovered I had a shit ton of messages that haven't been answered because I haven't attended to it and I hate keeping people waiting but uuuh...I don't know what to say XD Email me plz!

Since I use FA for a lot of correspondence for business, if you wanna note me on FA for commission transactions that is fine, because that's all I use the site for, but other personal stuff can go to email. To repeat, my email address is thornwolf227@gmail.com. Thanks!
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haikujaguar From: haikujaguar Date: November 11th, 2010 11:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow, the colors on those icons are edible. O_O
carlhh From: carlhh Date: November 11th, 2010 08:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Mommy, why are you licking the computer?"

kylet From: kylet Date: November 11th, 2010 04:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Work those blue contrasts! ^.^ Verrah nice.

The Iron Artist stuff is lovely, but...it's like making my hand fall off thinking of doing 100 of those. I know you're going to switch up and spread 'em out, but I thought the point of doing them under the title was to bang out simple ones quickly. Those are like...serious full-out commissions XD

And yeah...when LJ started their PM system I was all into it. Then they moved it every month and made it hard to use or even FIND, and I gave up. They finally settled it in, but it's too late now, I don't care anymore about it.
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: November 11th, 2010 05:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
Really I'm just using the Iron Artist thing as more of a Woot.com of furry art. "I'm offering this type of commission only until I'm sick of it, then I'm going to offer this type of commission". They're still relatively simple for me to do, and they're ways for me to experiment with things I've been meaning to practice with. These, for example, are helping me practice with digital inking.
mythos_amante From: mythos_amante Date: November 12th, 2010 04:43 am (UTC) (Link)
That green-to-black muzzle on your ACEO is gorgeous! I like your computer stuff quite a bit, but your real-media stuff is closer to my heart! (I have my hedge hog hanging on my message board by my desk, and it is STILL SO CUTE!)
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: November 12th, 2010 04:58 am (UTC) (Link)
Eeee that makes me so happy!
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