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Commissions closed indefinitely due to family obligations

Hey everyone,

Couple of notes:

All of my Storenvy shipments (and one MFF badge) are going out in the mail tomorrow.

In regards to commissions, I'm closing for the rest of the year until I figure things out, this includes previous inquiries until further notice, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. There was a death in the family, Skorzy's mother passed away unexpectedly this Thanksgiving, and a lot is changing right now as a result. This couldn't have come at a worse time, not just because of the holidays, but just one week prior, they lost their beloved family dog of 15 years, Binion, and now this, I'm trying to do my best to console my boyfriend and his father while keeping the household going. Needless to say, its been a series of pretty harsh blows this month. I'm juggling between my RL job, commissions, taking care of my family, and general day to day stuff while they deal with their family business and arrangements, and its very exhausting. I'm staying with them indefinitely until we figure out what to do, and I've brought my work with me, but there's a lot of adjusting as I'm sure you can imagine.

No condolences necessary, we're trying really hard to get back to normal, but thank you in advance for good thoughts. I just figured I owed it to everyone to explain my slowness.

If this slowness in my progress inconveniences anyone at all, I will not be hurt/upset if you request a refund on anything outstanding, but rest assured I'm working as hard as I can, which is proving to be a little slower now given everything. Just figured I'd let you know.
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