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Car Question - Via Skorzy

Skorzy has a question about selling a car, but since I have a wider variety of people watching my journal (yes I'm talking about you fine folks!) I figured I'd repost it here to see if any of you have any suggestions?

Original question from Skorzy:

My mother owned a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country Turbo Convertible. It has about 47K miles on it... no kidding. It did mostly short trips, but did get 10+ mile trips on occasion. While its got some fixable mechanical problems, and its interior upholstery could use some attention, its exterior is spotless and the original paint job is still gleaming. Its convertible top needs a good cleaning, but its in excellent shape. The car has been maintained properly, garaged in an enclosed space. It passed California smog inspection 2 years ago. Its registration is up for renewal in January, and it requires another smog inspection.

Dad and I want to sell it ASAP because we don't want to go through the expense of re-registering it and smog inspection. I've not been able to find any selling information in the usual places (e.g. Edmunds etc.). Its now considered a "classic" car, so the economics of selling it to a private party is something I've never dealt with before.

Some resources I've found online suggests the car would sell for minimum $1500, with an average price around $2200. However, its difficult for me to get a good grasp on what a good price to offer would be. This is definitely one of those cars a collector would snap up, restore and could re-sell for five times its buying price.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get better information on how to price the vehicle for sale?

I want to avoid the Craigslist route since I want to avoid the "tire kicking" crowd that isn't serious about buying. I was told eBay Motors would be a perfect place to sell it to a local buyer.

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