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woo hoo! food! - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
woo hoo! food!
I went to Rubios where my friend Heather works and she gave me a
50% discount on food. WOO HOO! yummy yummy! i just got a fish taco and a drink and she gave me this weird desert called a.....a zango? i think thats what its called. its like fried ice cream only its like fried cheesecake. mmmmm =)
i havent seen her all summer and we had a great chat! She even hired me to draw her tattoo right away, so that will be 20 bucks to add to the miniscule pile ;)
reminder folks...IM TAKING COMMISSIONS!

anyhoo..so she told me a bunch of lesbians have found they have crushes on her. *sigh* shes very hetero and wants a guy to like her. Ah well, gotta start somewhere i guess?

Im in a good mood =)
i have to start my homework though....SUCKS!

Current Mood: enthralled enthralled

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