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well..i missed my flight. we got to the airport an hour early and figured "wow, we have enough time", but the lines to check my bag were so long and some lady was holding up the lines by arguing with the clerks about a missing bag, that when we got to the counter theyre like "sorry you just missed the cutoff by 5 minutes. we cant check your bags" =P
so i have a new flight at 9:05 AM tomorrow, but that means Tav's getting about 4 hours sleep. hes at work right now. this has been an inconvenience for everyone. i have never had that happen to me before! and tav said an hour before the flight has always been more than enough time. i never knew anything about this cutoff, much less that they would deny you if you missed it by 5 minutes. *grrs*

so then mom says "im not very happy" well..yeah neither am i. at least theyre not charging us for a different ticket. at least the lady at the counter said NOTHING about it. if they do then i guess ill just have to pay for it wont i? im supposed to be getting a job as soon as i get back anyways. now i just gotta figure out places to apply. =P
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