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Moving! Patience Please!

Okay. I probably should have made an official announcement or something because I'm behind on answering pings, emails, and scan requests, BUT...

I'm moving.

Let me give you a run down of my schedule.

I have between now and the Thursday of FC weekend to move. Why? Because I had already given 30 days notice thinking a month was plenty of time since I had originally thought I just had to go to FC and that was it. However, my employer was last minute (as in 2 days ago) like "hey guess what I need you to go to Florida for a trade show, by the way you're running the table, also I need some things designed" and that trip is lasting two weeks starting immediately after FC. *STRESSSSSSSSS*

So...things are on the queue to be scanned, commissions are on the road to completion, so please have patience with me, I'm pretty booked.

But here, let me tell you about my day!

It started with having to shovel this:

And move these:

Which contained these *illustration courtesy of skorzy*:

So yes. Yes. I'm on it I'm on it. *eye twitch* D:

See you at FC! If the spiders haven't carried me away, that is.
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