An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Opening for a commission slot, but trying something different

I'm going to try something different here, so please bear with me.

I'm winding down on my outstanding commissions (all but one should be finished any day now), but due to my RL job taking up most of my time, I'm going to try to do commissions a little differently.

I would like to take on a commission slot of something I would actually very much like to draw. This benefits you because if I genuinely enjoy drawing it, it will show in the finished product. This benefits me because what little time I do have for commissions can be spent on something I enjoy.

I would prefer to take on something of a higher price range though, something roughly between $100-$350. Digital or real media doesn't matter, whichever your preference. I will not work above 9X12" in size, however.

So basically this is what I'm attempting. If you are interested in a commission from me in approximately this price range (price reflects complexity, naturally), please email me ( with your concept (character description, medium, approximate size, even links to examples of my work in terms of style you'd like, all details are helpful). Once I have some concepts to review, I will choose one that I feel I would like to draw at this time.

If you are chosen, please be prepared to put at least a $50 down payment which will cover the sketch and the preliminary work (I will reply with the actual cost if I've chosen your idea, and you can decide from there). I accept installments of $50-100 at a time and will work as I am paid, so if you would like the spot but don't want to put up the full amount up front that is doable, we can work something out.

I've seen other artists do this and this is a new concept for me, but I figured this might be worth trying since I can't open up completely for commissions due to time constraints.

So yeah, if you're interested, please note me! I will update when/if the spot is filled. Please don't be hurt if I don't choose your idea, I only have one spot and I'm going based on personal interest which changes a lot (some days I feel like drawing wolves, some days I prefer cats, etc.)

Some helpful tips though when choosing an idea:
-If I've told you in the past that I like your character, this means exactly that: I like your character and I would love to draw it sometime!
-Wings and I don't get along. Bat wings are okay, but feathers..I'm still shaky on those and would likely shy away from something involving that.
-I love drawing ladies
-I'm not as fond of clothes-wearing anthros
-Quad and were body forms are yay!
-Dragons are hard for me to draw, but more mammalian ones are fun sometimes

Thanks and I look forward to hearing some ideas! :)
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